Trofeo di Primavera 2018


Trofeo di Primavera 2018

Last weekend our racing team raced the 1° round of the 29° Trofeo di Primavera in Lonato with 3 drivers: Marta Garcia and Marco Tormen in KZ2 as debutants, and our veteran Kyle Mercieca from Malta in X30 Senior.

During the Qualifying, in dry track conditions, Tormen gains remarkable 3rd position, while Garcia achieves a 8°P. Mercieca, continuously improved lap after lap to finished in a 10° place.

On Sunday, Tormen resisted to the torrential rain maintaining a 4°P. García goes up 2 places ending 6° but due to few seconds penalty finished 14th. Mercieca exceeds 3 positions to finish 7° of his group.

In the Final where rained cats and dogs, Tormen with an aggressive start leaded the race for 6 laps, fighting until the end to conclude with a good 8° position. Less fortunate was Marta having a contact during battle forcing her out of combat.

Our maltese, which has started 20° of the 36 entries, retrieves again 3 positions finishing in 17° position.

Many thanks to our technical director, Michele Zampieri, Leonardo Viti for the engine assistance and to all our mechanics.


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