Good speed without results is not what we worked for, but we bite the bullet and look forward!

In a continuously changing track we were able to find the performance with both drivers: Francesco Comanducci was perhaps 1,2 tenth and Justin Van Der Schaft was 3,4 tenth from the top of the group.

On Thursday, Justin was closer to the optimum at 47,4 while the best in that moment was 47,1.

On Friday, during the QP Francesco, was in shape to be at the top of his group but he started to push one lap too late. Nevertheless he achieved a good 4th row start for the QH.

We were less fortunate with Justin, who could not find his best lap of his previous sessions. Penalizing him heavily for the QH’s starting grip.

On Saturday, we lost our performance on wet track. Francesco, lost positions heat after heat and Justin was not able to move up vanishing the possibility to qualify for the Final.

On sunny Sunday, we see a fast Francesco set the BEST CHRONO of the Warm Up.

In the last heat he made a good start chasing the leading group with 2 tenth pace advantage. Unfortunately, all this speed was wasted failing in the overtakes where he was pushed and finally lost the front spoiler forcing him to retire.

In despite of all these events, CKR has been recognized for the speed and potential to do good.

Looking forward to the results we expect.


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  • New Line
  • MC Racing
  • Debei Motori
  • Aim
  • OMP

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